I have felt this gentle nudge for quite some time....

After several years in business photographing families, portraits, and the occasional wedding, I have taken a brief hiatus to focus on family and getting back to the passion that started it all.  As an artist, sometimes the ideas in your head and in your heart don't come out exactly as you imagined and that's okay... sometimes it turns into something better, and I feel that coming.  What I originally imagined for my little business, didn't take me in the direction that I felt was authentic to my story.   I have taken the time this year for some reflection, soul searching, and deciding what direction the next chapter will take.  I do plan to take a limited amount of sessions this year and follow where my heart leads. Honest, authentic portraiture is where my heart lies and I want to get back to more of that.

 My most important work, though, is behind the walls of our home and the little family we are raising.  Photographing them and creating our collection of moments is my greatest joy, and I continue to photograph them daily.  I am so humbled that you continue to follow me on this journey!