your story, your art...

I really believe every picture tells a story...  with that in mind, honesty and whimsy are at the heart of my work. Rooted in nostalgia, my goal is to capture emotive images that speak to the connection of those in them in a simple, meaningful way... images that evoke a timeless feeling of warmth, love, and intimacy that comes from sharing so much together. I strive to incorporate these into your session in an artistic way. There really is beauty in even the mundane, and it is my job to seek it out and capture it. I try to take an organic/natural approach to my sessions -- nothing contrived or forced, and I hope that you get a feel for that when looking at the photos on my site. My hope for my work and your photos, is that you come away with a beautiful blend of art and emotion -- images that capture the authenticity of who you really are.

... because every picture tells a story

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